imagine your icon singing (rather terribly) in the shower

Imagine your icon making gifs on madden giferator

Imagine your icon eating KFC.

If your icon isn’t your favorite character, imagine that their first name is now your favorite character’s middle name.

Imagine having a threesome with your current icon and the icon you had before

imagine your icon holding you closely in their lap and stroking your hair, singing softly, “close your eyes and relax, think of nothing.”

Imagine that your icon somehow found your blog and slowly fell in love with you as they scrolled through the pictures of you and personal posts and sent you asks on anon about how they love you and about how beautiful you are, but they don’t dare to show who they are in fear of being rejected.

Imagine your icon being afraid of butterflies.

imagine your icon about to fuck you and they start kissing your neck

Imagine your icon running up to you in public before smiling maliciously and unzipping their pants only to release one million tomatoey earth worms upon the ground before you.