Imagine your icon hanging out with the icons of each one of your sideblogs (if you have them) and being best friends.

Imagine your icon idolizing your previous icon in a very obnoxious manner

Imagine your icon celebrating Oktoberfest and having too much to drink resulting in them doing the chicken dance whilst wearing a lederhosen on top of a table.

Imagine your icon lying with their head on your stomach, slowly drifting off to sleep as you stroke their hair.

Imagine your icon working really hard to knit you the biggest, fluffiest sweater you’ve ever seen, because you always say you’re cold.

imagine your icon as the Sand Guardian, guardian of the sand

Imagine your icon cutting an onion

Imagine you spending an Autumn day with your icon in a park. At some point, you jump into a pile of leaves, and they quickly follow after you only to muss up their landing and fall on you.

imagine your icon cheering you on and making you laugh in class as you do your presentation

Imagine changing your icon in the middle of having a conversation with them and watching their body morph into your new icon.